Workshop unconscious bias voor mentoren

Onze projectmedewerker Pascal Hildebert nodigt alle mentoren uit voor een Engelstalige workshop over unconscious bias: “Understanding and challenging our unconscious bias as mentors – A useful approach to better support our mentees”.
Have you ever felt that your first impressions “tainted” your actions towards a particular person? Do you want to challenge your personal preferences and stereotypes? Have you noticed how our brains automatically trick us into liking or disliking people? We invite you to explore together how unconscious bias limits our capacity to accept differences and how we can challenge them in order to provide the best possible support to our mentees.

Voor wie? Alle mentoren van Mentor2Work

Wanneer? dinsdag 04/12/2018 van 18u30 tot 21u00

Waar? Minderhedenforum, Vooruitgangstraat 323, 1030 Brussel

Voertaal? Engels

Hoe inschrijven? Via mail naar